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"I started working with DTD Fitness a year ago this week (April 6th). I am beyond grateful and thankful for the dedication that Dwight has invested in me. I don't believe it is easy to be a trainer dealing with different personalities but Dwight is great. In the past, working with trainers have gotten very repetitive and boring for me. Dwight keeps you very interested in what is next. My results have been very good. I know where I need to improve as well due to his advice and constant reminders. Lol. I would recommend DTD Fitness to anyone really wanting to workout and change."

Cristall G.

"Dwight provided the most professional, comfortable and informative personal training experience. He taught me how to exercise more efficiently and I learned enough to complete a successful workout on my own at the gym. He reviewed tips regarding nutrition and lifestyle. My results were evident once I remained persistent. Definitely saw a difference in working out with him versus working out without him. Thank You DTD Fitness!"

Tadia T.

"Working with DTD Fitness has been a life changing experience. The professionalism is incredible. When working with Dwight, he does not make you feel like he's just training you. He made me feel like he partnered up with me, so we can reach the goal. If that meant checking in, early early meeting times, advice on how to acclimate your family into the fitness and eating regiment, insightful perspective on life and very motivated. DTD Fitness has pushed me to lose almost 50lbs and showed me how to keep it off."

Eliode G.

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